Gives a classic feel to vintage design, using retro fonts


The use of retro fonts for classic designs is needed to enhance designs with a vintage feel. Classic design usually refers to the architectural and decoration styles of the past. 80s design and 90s design are very often found in the application of classic design.

Classical design is known for its artistic, symmetrical and well-proportioned decorative elements and the use of high-quality materials such as wood, marble and natural stone.

In classical design, there are several distinctive design elements, such as pillars, ornaments, wood and stone carvings, and other artistic patterns and details.

The colors usually used in classical design are colors inspired by the art of ancient kingdom.

Neutral colors such as white, grey, or beige are also often used in classical design.

In addition, classic design also emphasizes proportion and symmetry in every element of its design, such as in the size of pillars, windows, or wall hangings. Classic design also pays special attention to small details such as wall hangings, chandeliers, or curtains to give a stronger classic impression in its design.

In its overall appearance, classic design gives the impression of elegance and luxury, but still timeless and eternal. Therefore, classic design is still very popular today, especially in the interior design of the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

To create a design with a classic feel, you can consider the following points :

  • Choose classic design elements such as ornaments, patterns and artistic details that are usually found in classic-style buildings or furniture. For example, you can choose to use wood carvings and pillars as decorative elements.
  • Choose colors that are typical of the classical era, such as colors like gold, deep red, emerald green and dark blue. You can also consider neutral colors such as white or grey to give an elegant touch.
  • Choose materials commonly used in the classical era such as wood, marble, stone, or fabrics with artistic and elegant patterns.
  • Avoid using modern design elements that are too flashy or gaudy in your classic design. Don’t use neon colors or modern geometric patterns in your design.
  • Use retro fonts as the main element of your design. For example, you can use retro fonts in titles or subheadings, or in decorative elements like borders or underlines in text.

Using retro fonts can be one way to create a classic feel to your design. Retro fonts generally have characteristics that are reminiscent of typographic designs that were popular in the past, such as in the 60s, 70s, or 80s. Here are some tips for using retro fonts in classic designs.

First, choose a font that suits the type of design you want to create. If you want to create a vintage design, then retro fonts that have characteristics such as bold serifs, or intricate scripts may be the right choice. If you want to create a more modern retro design, then a more minimalist and simple retro font might be more suitable.

Then avoid using too many different fonts in one design. Instead, choose one or two retro fonts that match the theme of your design, and use them consistently throughout the design.

Also check the size and spacing of the letters in the retro fonts you use. Some retro fonts may have a fairly tight spacing between letters, so it needs to be adjusted so that it looks neat and easy to read.

Some recommended font types for creating a classic or retro design are :

  1. Astro Earth | Retro Display
  2. Double bubble
  3. Summer Bloom | Retro font
  4. Nekoma | Retro Display
  5. Coco chips
  6. Classic Momment | Retro Typeface
  7. Beachwalk | Elegant Retro Serif
  8. Tropico Salte | Serif Display

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